I work with vibrant, authentic individuals whose walls are blah, blank, or just plain boring.

✔ Tired of the same old, same old, and desperately need a change?

✔ Exhausted by the thought of visiting store after store to find wall art that you like?

✔ Have a neutral-looking setting that could use a pop of color?

✔ Have a sad little space that badly needs some love?

✔ Want to update and refresh your home without adding clutter?

✔ Want an updated look that will last beyond trends?

Christi Kraft Photography: Just picture being confident that your home’s interior finally matches your personality.

Just picture...

Walking into your home and feeling completely relaxed

Enjoying a newfound sense of pride in your space

Feeling excited to invite guests to visit

Basking in an atmosphere of luxurious abundance

Being confident that your home’s interior finally matches your personality

You’re an extraordinary, unique person, making your distinct mark on the world as you tend to all of life’s details for yourself and your loved ones. You want to connect with others, and share the best that life has to offer. You also need to feel comfortable, authentic, and able to fully relax in your own home. 

You deserve a space that feels as hospitable and welcoming to you as

it does to those you invite to share it!

Christi Kraft Photography

That’s exactly why I opened Christi Kraft Photography

...to take your place in the world from a dull house that looks like it could belong to anyone to a vibrant home that could only belong to you

Christi Kraft Photography is Created to order, with prints cut, framed, and assembled by hand. Talented craftspeople take the time and care needed to produce a stunning work of art, just for you.

Christi Kraft Photography art prints are:

✔ Created to order, with prints cut, framed, and assembled by hand. Talented craftspeople take the time and care needed to produce a stunning work of art, just for you. 

✔ Printed on premium papers, using archival inks designed to last 75 years or more without fading or loss of color, so your art can be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. 

✔ Available in a variety of styles, from classic stretched canvas and framed prints to rustic wood prints, industrial acrylic prints, and sleek metal prints, so your art harmonizes with your home, be it a cozy country cottage or an edgy urban warehouse.

✔ Customizable with a wide variety of frame and mat options, so you can create the perfect unique piece for your unique space.

✔ Assembled with museum-quality frames and mats, ensuring a long life for your wall art.

✔ Produced in 16 fulfillment centers in five countries, able to be shipped to any destination in the world. 

✔ Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because I want you to love your artwork, knowing it’s just the right piece for you.

✔ Created through the vision and inspiration of a living artist, so that when your art becomes part of your home, you become part of its creative story and lineage. 

✔ A beautiful anchor to a newly established art collection, or a refreshing addition to an existing display.

Christi Kraft Photography: internationally selling artist and photographer.

My photography hangs on walls around the world, from France to Florida, Warsaw to West Virginia.

Christi Kraft Photography customers are an encouraging community of enthusiastic art lovers! 

Christi Kraft Photography: Beautify your walls with fresh colorful art

Beautify Your Walls

Christi Kraft Photography also works with businesses to provide inspiring art that adds beauty to your surroundings.

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